New insights into the events on the Indian stock market in the mid-1990s

Liquidity matters

One of the most important features of a financial market is liquidity. In a well functioning market, a trader faces low costs of transacting and can confidently expect that at future dates, across many states of nature, the cost of transacting will prove to be low.

The immediate impact of a low . . . → Read More: New insights into the events on the Indian stock market in the mid-1990s

How low is low?

So I typed this up and discovered at the end something else of wonkish note.  Calculating the Pittsburgh region’s unemployment rate is a bit less clear than I thought.. and I already thought we overinterpret these monthly data dumps for a host of reasons.  So the state Department of Labor reported that the Pittsburgh region’s . . . → Read More: How low is low?

Brazil's Biofuel Boom: Mark McHugh

Believe it or not, industry experts see biofuels accounting for up to 25% of global energy consumption by 2050. With this long-term vision in mind, Mark McHugh, president and CEO of consultancy firm CenAm Energy Partners SA, assesses the current biofuel industry from his base in Brazil, the seat of the growing industry. . . . → Read More: Brazil’s Biofuel Boom: Mark McHugh

Economic Events on April 13, 2012

At 8:30 AM Eastern time, the Consumer Price Index report for March will be released.  The consensus is that CPI increased 0.3% last month, and there was a 0.2% increase in CPI when food and energy are removed.

At 9:55 AM Eastern time, Consumer Sentiment for the first half of April will be announced.  . . . → Read More: Economic Events on April 13, 2012