The Future Is Not Pretty For Women

Sixty percent of women in the United States who are 65 or older do not have enough income to cover basic expenses without help, even if they are married, according to the report.

That is compared to 41 percent of men in that age group.

The report compares income, not including food stamps or help with utility bills, to very basic monthly expenses for housing, food, transportation and health care. For a single person, this Elder Economic Security Standard Index, developed by Wider Opportunities for Women, estimates an annual income of $19,000 to $28,000, depending on whether they own their homes outright, rent or pay a mortgage. For married couples, the necessary income to cover basic expenses ranges from $29,500 to $39,000.

More than half the nation’s elderly do not make enough. But women, who typically outlive men, are more vulnerable. Nearly half of white women, 61 percent of Asian women and three-quarters of black and Hispanic women have incomes that fall below the Elder Index levels. Men 65 or older report incomes that are almost 75 percent higher than women’s.

There are two trends that promise a miserable future for women.

First, the sexual revolution, which has enabled female promiscuity on a scale heretofore unseen, has done serious damage to marriage, and will continue to do so as men realize that informal LTRs are preferable to legal marriages. This means that women are less likely to have husbands in the future, ad will be less assured of having access to a man’s wealth. This will be problematic for women since it is already difficult for them to make ends meet without spousal or government help.

Second, the current federal spending trend is unsustainable. Quite simply all the benefits that today’s retirees take for granted, plus all the other benefits that politicians continue to promise them in their various bids for election, will simply not exist in the future. People cannot have everything, which is one way of saying that resources are finite. At the current rate of consumption, they will eventually be squandered, and no one will have anything. This means that women will be even worse off because the government will not be able to provide for them anymore, particularly if environmentalists of the left wing manage to impose their plans for destroying the economy for Gaia.

Women will have three options to avoid this mess. They can either take their future financial security into their own hands by getting degrees and jobs (and real jobs, wherein one actually contributes to the economy and doesn’t merely engage in busy work), they can marry beta providers (trololol), or they can become part of an alpha harem (and here alpha refers to a man who can command resources to provide for multiple women). My guess is that women will go down first path until the bottom falls out of the economy and demand for superfluous workers declines, and then they will go down the third path, which will incidentally lead to the decline of civilization.

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