Tungsten Fake Gold Bars

Been busy at work and home, hence the lack of posts. I’ve recently posted on Tungsten fake gold bars for those who may not have seen it. I’ve posted before on this issue here and here.

Coincidentaly, the Mint has recently bought a “Panalytical wavelength dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) instrument” for $470,000. Before I get comments about how XRF’s don’t detect inside a bar, this unit is used for testing assay samples and those samples undergo a preparation process before being XRFed. Key process is melting the item to get an even distribution of the metal and then taking a dip sample.

Will be looking to post more regularly on the corporate blog and will continue with sharing stuff via my Google+ posts page.

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  • Jeffrey QSX

    Did you make a mistake when you wrote $470,000? That seems a bit extreme, maybe $47,000? Even then, why not go Energy Dispersive Xray Fluoresence (ED-XRF)? Quickshot XRF offers systems from $13k to $40k that will do what you described.

    Just wondering why expensive WD over low cost ED.

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