Pittsburgh's Etch a sketch moment

We are just coming up on the 30-year anniversary of what might have been Pittsburgh’s Etch a sketch moment.  Three decades ago Pittsburgh was just about halfway through the 18 months that changed it forever.  In August 1981 the region’s unemployment rate was 7.2%; a high, but not scary level.  Total unemployed in the region measured 86,600.   . . . → Read More: Pittsburgh’s Etch a sketch moment

How to Play the Cleantech Energy Boom: Pavel Molchanov

With ever-higher oil prices encouraging record investment interest, the cleantech energy sector looks poised for leaps and bounds. The most successful investors will be those who understand the challenges facing not only different industry segments, but individual companies within the same segment. In this exclusive interview with The Energy Report, Raymond James Energy . . . → Read More: How to Play the Cleantech Energy Boom: Pavel Molchanov

The Ryan Plan is Unserious

Yet Emmett Tyrell tries to defend it anyway:

Ryan is a supply-sider. He advocates one of the few economic innovations in years. He realizes that the budget cannot be balanced without faster economic growth. Sure, it would be nice to balance the budget in five years, but not with tax increases. Tax increases would . . . → Read More: The Ryan Plan is Unserious

Economic Events on March 30, 2012

At 8:30 AM Eastern time, the monthly Personal Income and Outlays report for February will be released. The consensus for Personal Income is an increase of 0.4% over the previous month and the consensus Consumer Spending index change is an increase of 0.6%.

At 9:45 AM Eastern time, the Chicago PMI Index for March . . . → Read More: Economic Events on March 30, 2012