Henry George is Kaput

So if you read the latest on property assessments in the PG today : 10 percent appealing assessments, there was an interesting obituary for Henry George there between the lines.

There was this quote reported direct from Judge Wettick:

Separate land values were “really confusing people” and many appeared to “make no sense,” Judge . . . → Read More: Henry George is Kaput

China Moves Towards More Easing ...

This may be a targeted and essentially pinpointed move, but looking at the data coming on China in the first quarter of 2012, I think there is plenty more to come as China tries to come to grips with a rapidly slowing economy.

Quote Bloomberg

China boosted rural credit by cutting reserve requirements for . . . → Read More: China Moves Towards More Easing …

A Troubling Sentence

From the Grey Lady:

The United States trade deficit surged in January to the widest imbalance in more than three years after imports grew faster than exports.

This is not a good sign. The US economy is predicated on false demand, by which I mean that the US, and the citizens thereof, buy a . . . → Read More: A Troubling Sentence

Economic Events on March 22, 2012

At 8:30 AM Eastern time, the U.S. government will release its weekly Jobless Claims report. The consensus is that there were 352,000 new jobless claims last week, which would would be 1,000 more than the previous week.

At 9:45 AM Eastern time, the weekly Bloomberg Consumer Comfort Index will be released, providing an update . . . → Read More: Economic Events on March 22, 2012