Wait a minute....

So remember when the headlines about property assessments in Allegheny County were near apogee not very long ago?  I thought the clear message was that all the local real estate deals were being canceled because the owners didn’t like their assessment values. The end is nigh was the talking point all around.  Remember specifically . . . → Read More: Wait a minute….

Winning the Rare Earth Economic War: Luisa Moreno

China’s sudden cuts to rare earth export quotas and domestic production marked the beginning of a Rare Earth Economic War, proposes Jacob Securities’ Senior Mining and Metals Analyst Luisa Moreno. The good news is that partnerships between end-users and mining companies may just be the secret weapon to level the playing field for . . . → Read More: Winning the Rare Earth Economic War: Luisa Moreno

Women and Patents

Consider this abstract:

We investigate women’s underrepresentation among holders of commercialized patents: only 5.5% of holders of such patents are female. Using the National Survey of College Graduates 2003, we find only 7% of the gap is accounted for by women’s lower probability of holding any science or engineering degree, because women with such . . . → Read More: Women and Patents

Economic Events on March 21, 2012

The Mortgage Bankers’ Association purchase index will be released at 7:00 AM Eastern time, providing an update on the quantity of new mortgages and refinancings closed in the last week.

At 9:30 AM Eastern time, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke will speak before the Committee on Government Oversight and Reform on the European economic . . . → Read More: Economic Events on March 21, 2012