Looking back - a better jobs year than we thought

The Bureau of Labor statistics just put out its routine revisions of employment data and it looks like 2011 was actually a better year for jobs in the Pittsburgh region that previously thought. Here is what I get for the scale of change which is positive every month by some nontrivial amounts.

Total Nonfarm Jobs in thousands
Previous Revised
Jan 1111.2 1116.1
Feb 1112.3 1118
Mar 1122.7 1128.3
Apr 1137.6 1142.7
May 1139.6 1152.5
Jun 1154.7 1160.6
Jul 1143.2 1149.9
Aug 1140.5 1147.5
Sep 1147.7 1155.9
oct 1162.6 1170.4
Nov 1163.5 1171.1
Dec 1164 1169.7

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