Education Inflation

Paul Krugman is aghast at this chart, which shows how the Pell Grant has declined in relative cost coverage:

This is pretty much how inflation works. In the early stages, its effects are not very noticeable because an incentive has not yet taken place. As the incentive shift takes place—marking the beginning of a . . . → Read More: Education Inflation

Opportunities in Clean Mining: Dallas Kachan

Cleantech companies are exploring—and exploiting—the connections between many sectors of the energy, infrastructure and other industrial markets. Dallas Kachan, principal of cleantech research and consulting firm Kachan & Co. in Vancouver, points to the emergence of “clean” mining as an important investment theme for 2012. In this exclusive interview with The Critical Metals . . . → Read More: Opportunities in Clean Mining: Dallas Kachan

China’s Currency Holdings

Chinese Yuan and U.S. Dollars

The Wall Street Journal reports that China is decreasing its holdings of  U.S. dollars

Fresh data suggest China is moderating its appetite for investing in U.S. securities, a trend that could mean lower flows of cheap capital from Beijing and a possible rise in borrowing costs across the American . . . → Read More: China’s Currency Holdings