Select Gold, Silver Mid Caps for Near-Term Action: Bo Chew

With high market volatility, running a small fund like the Magna Opportunity Fund, which seeks to deliver exceptional returns, requires nimble management. In this exclusive interview with The Gold Report, Bo Chew tells us how he does it and what criteria he uses to select his fund’s investments. In the process he drops . . . → Read More: Select Gold, Silver Mid Caps for Near-Term Action: Bo Chew

Assessment angst around?

So am I misperceiving things, or is angst over reassessments pretty quiet?  A decade ago the surge against assessments was virtually nonstop for over a year.

Anyway. In the news today is a note that a Downtown office building, Penn Avenue Place. sold for $54 million.   It’s current assessed value: $35.9 million.   It’s 2012 . . . → Read More: Assessment angst around?

More On Wealth Inequality

From Vox Day:

However, both works share the same recognition of the intrinsically flawed nature of the three primary forms of government: monarchy, aristocracy and democracy. They also recognize the way these forms tend to degrade over time and transform into the others. Both Plato and Cicero are fundamentally skeptical about democracy, as Plato . . . → Read More: More On Wealth Inequality

Economic Events on March 8, 2012

The Challenger Job-Cut Report will be released at 7:30 AM Eastern time, providing an estimate of the number of layoffs in February.

At 8:30 AM Eastern time, the U.S. government will release its weekly Jobless Claims report. The consensus is that there were 351,000 new jobless claims last week, which would would be the . . . → Read More: Economic Events on March 8, 2012