Working Hard in the Garden

Thanks for the article from Laura Ryan

I worked in the garden all day yesterday. I was trying to clean out all of the winter nastiness because I heard that we were having an early spring. I raked and hauled off leaves, pulled vines, tended the soil, and picked up an trash that had made its way to the garden. I worked really hard. I worked so hard that my back was killing me at night. I ended up taking two ibuprofen and turning on direct tv new haven and relaxing the rest of the evening. I spent most of the next day doing the same too. You can imagine my disappointment when a big snow storm rolled through on Sunday. I was so upset! I thought that the snow was over. I had spent all day working hard getting the garden cleaned up and ready. Now, I am going to have to do it all over again, but this time I am going to make sure and take some ibuprofen before I get out there!

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