Economic Development in Paris

The Paris Region Economic Development Agency (PREDA) has been promoting economic growth and entreprenurship in the capital of France for over a decade by helping to create and retain jobs in the Paris region, making the area more attractive to businesses, and helping businesses adjust to a constantly changing economic environment.  Their latest venture, the bilingual Paris Region Channel is sure to connect with current and future business leaders around the globe and help the agency accomplish these goals.

Paris Business District

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PREDA has been in existence since 2001, giving the group the experience and connections needed to assist companies looking to do more business in the region, and their track record speaks for itself.  In 2010 alone, the Paris metropolitan area  attracted 243 new business creations, extensions and acquisitions that are projected to create over 8,400 jobs for the region’s economy, which accounts for over 30% of the foreign companies established in France every year.  Also, if you are a French technology company looking to expand into the US or you want to set up a trade show in the region to take advantage of the economic strength of the area, PREDA can offer assistance.

Given that the Paris metropolitian area has one ot the largest economies in the world, and is the largest metropolitian area in Europe by GDP, Paris has a lot to offer to new and existing businesses, and PREDA's Web TV channel shows this with their funny and informational short video clips highlighting important business events in the Paris region and providing information on new business opportunities and the benefits of doing business in the capital of France.

Whether you are an executive with an existing business in the region, a business owner looking to expand into new areas, or an entrepreneur that is seeking support for a new business, Paris, France has something to offer you and your company, and the Paris Region Economic Development Agency's support will help make you a success, and their videos will tell you how.


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