Spot the Fallacies

I count three:

Capitalism is currently undergoing its most serious crisis since the Great Depression. The solutions offered by the Right are the same as they were then: Do nothing and let the natural cycle of business (the invisible hand of the free market) straighten itself out. Well, that’s not going to work. Hoover . . . → Read More: Spot the Fallacies

Chuck Moulton: Open Letter to Gary Johnson on the "Fair" Tax

I’m not going to post the whole letter here — you can read it at Independent Political Report. And you should. As a teaser, here’s the opening:

Main libertarian objections to the Fair Tax: 1. The prebate would start a new welfare entitlement. 2. The transition would redistribute from savers to borrowers. 3. There . . . → Read More: Chuck Moulton: Open Letter to Gary Johnson on the “Fair” Tax

Compensation by county

So before you read further… quickly guess at what county in Southwestern Pennsylvania has the 2nd most lucrative jobs in region?  Allegheny County has been #1 for some time, if not as far back as it matters.. but #2 is………..

Just a random factoid the Bureau of Economic Analysis which came out with just . . . → Read More: Compensation by county

Other Alpha Sources

I have been enjoying myself in the Austrian Alps last week and hence the lower output. Here is my look though, of a number of notable news stories and contributions.

Global Liquidity

Benoît Cœuré, Member of the Executive Board of the ECB has penned a speech (and argument) on global (excess) liquidity. Izabella likes . . . → Read More: Other Alpha Sources for February 13, 2012