What’s The Point of Financial Aid?

I suppose that the original intent of financial aid—most particularly scholarships—was to attract good scholars who would be likely to become famous and thus increase the prestige of the university. By offering intelligent, driven individuals an opportunity to be educated for reduced rates or for free, universities could be assured that they would attract . . . → Read More: What’s The Point of Financial Aid?

Digging into the numbers

So I lied. I did. But don’t expect much more this week.

Anyway we are getting there..  albeit slowly.  Read the PG piece today carefully please: Allegheny County reassessment favors properties with higher prices, review finds…. and the penultimate comment. :-0 Seriously though, I would concur with and beyond what the PG is observing . . . → Read More: Digging into the numbers

Gold Juniors Poised to Rebound: Joe Mazumdar

Economics and politics. Accretion and repletion. Mergers and acquisitions. Joe Mazumdar, senior mining analyst with Haywood Securities, sees all of these as catalysts for a rebound in the junior gold space in 2012. In this exclusive Gold Report interview, he reveals the names of companies he expects to take off.

The Gold Report: . . . → Read More: Gold Juniors Poised to Rebound: Joe Mazumdar