Raising your children

Thanks to Darwin Barton

There’s something to be said for raising your kids on a daily basis and that’s what I’m working on doing. A few years back my husband and I made the tough decision for me to quit my job and it’s been really nice, actually, since we’re able to have me watch the kids all day while he works. I love him to death but I wish he made a bit more money only because our life has changed dramatically in the last few years. We’ve not cut back on certain things like home alarm systems and the organic produce we like to buy but others like trash pickup and things like that had to go to make room for our new lifestyle. I don’t feel bad about it though because it means I get to be with the kids and do what I like to do which just makes me feel good about how I’m living my life. I know the kids appreciate being able to have their mom around!

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