Gold The Most Explored Mineral Commodity

Got a post up on the corporate blog on how 50% of all money spent on non-fuel mineral exploration during the last 15 years was spent on gold exploration.

And from the “who can make the most dramatic price forecast” department comes The Possibility of $1,000 Silver before Hyperinflation. Has anyone made a higher call?

To save you reading the whole article, here is the key logic behind the headline:

“…with gold at this relatively conservative top of $10,000 – if silver is at its historic 16:1 average in relation to gold – silver will be $625 per ounce. We have also explained above how it is entirely possible for silver to overshoot this 16:1 average, which is normally what happens when a trend has been misaligned for such a long period of time. If silver does reach a 10 to 1 ratio as it has done before at different times throughout history, then we would be seeing a price of $1000 per ounce…”

I suppose when you start off with the assumption that $10,000 gold is “relatively conservative” then $1000 silver is not far behind.

The key “gotcha” is in the headline: “before Hyperinflation”. That is not a situation in which you want to trade your silver for $1000 of soon to be worthless fiat.

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