Anecdote vs. Data

Let me make some introductions.  Data meet news, news meet data.

I just caught this headline.. but the Patriot News had article over the weekend: Marcellus Shale industry brings ‘tsunami of jobs’ to Pa.. which really was more of an anecdotal story focused on a woman getting a job in the drilling industry here in Pennsylvania.

Yet below is what the state’s own data days about women working in Pennsylvania in these industries.  I’ve seen virtually no news that really looks into just how one sided this looks.  Given the coverage like above, you might think it was a tsunami of jobs for women.  Maybe someone wants to go the next step and work out similar gender breakdowns for new hiring in the same industries in say Texas and Oklahoma and see how Pennsylvania compares.

New Hires by Gender in Mining, Quarrying, Oil and Gas Extraction Industries
Pennsylvania, 1st Half of 2010

Source: LEHD, which is a collaboration of state labor agencies and BLS.

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