Love my Garage

Thanks to Darwin Barton

Having a house is great. I love having a garage to park in, I love having separate room for my office and my husband’s “man cave.” I really love having a fenced in backyard for our dog and cat. I don’t love worrying about burglary, or fire, or flood. Life was most definitely a lot easier before I had any of these responsibilities. It’s funny that I so completely ignored my parents when they cautioned me to enjoy my “responsibility free” life when I was younger. I’m sure I’ll pass the same advice on to my future children, and I’m sure they will ignore it, just as I did. The one thing that saves my sanity is having a adt. This service allows me to worry at least a little less. I know my house is being monitored even in the event that I’m away when disaster strikes. While it obviously can’t prevent a fire, the service can ensure that the proper authorities are contacted when necessary. This is definitely another piece of advice I’ll pass on to my children—sign up for an alarm monitoring service!

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