RBI reaches for capital controls

By and large, I have felt that RBI has done a pretty good job of the exchange rate. They doubled currency flexibility twice, in 2004 and 2007. In 2009, they shifted to a floating rate. There were two problems:

They continue to sometimes do tiny blocks of trading on the currency market. In a . . . → Read More: RBI reaches for capital controls

My thoughts on Freegold

A reader, LS, asked for my thoughts on the following topics:

1) freegold 2) the gold for oil trade 3) the current price is not a real physical price of gold because of happenings in COMEX/LBMA 4) do you believe the current world affairs will resolve itself towards freegold or something similar?

Firstly, I . . . → Read More: My thoughts on Freegold

Can we at least agree on an order of magnitude?

Well, in Ohio there is certainly more debate over the economic impact of shale gas development. No, that isn’t right, there is debate here, but I can’t say I’ve seen a headline this blunt in Pennsylvania.

See the Cleveland Plain Dealer over the weekend: Shale gas will not create 200,000 Ohio jobs by 2015, . . . → Read More: Can we at least agree on an order of magnitude?

Economic Events on December 19, 2011

At 10:00 AM Eastern time, the Housing Market Index for December will be announced.  This index is created from a survey of home builders, so it shows the confidence that the sector has in the overall economy and their business.

Love my Garage

Thanks to Darwin Barton

Having a house is great. I love having a garage to park in, I love having separate room for my office and my husband’s “man cave.” I really love having a fenced in backyard for our dog and cat. I don’t love worrying about burglary, or fire, or flood. Life . . . → Read More: Love my Garage