Ideology and Pragmatism

ASI, on Friedman’s pragmatism:

He is known, of course, for his work on money and inflation. But he did not propose, as Hayek did, competition in currency production. He thought the reality of our times is that governments are in control of the money supply, so the question is simply how to sustain them. . . . → Read More: Ideology and Pragmatism

Curtis Trimble: Be Nimble, Quick and Play the Shales

With energy prices flat to down in a murky global economy, MKM Partners Managing Director Curtis Trimble says investor agility is essential. In this exclusive interview with The Energy Report, Trimble talks about his favorite names and some of the fuel-rich plays that make them interesting.

The Energy Report: Curtis, what is . . . → Read More: Curtis Trimble: Be Nimble, Quick and Play the Shales

Loopholes R Us

So it at least rates a news story that the sale of the Steel Building downtown is somehow going to be exempt from the real estate transfer tax that most folks have to pay.

The Philadelphia Business Journal had a remarkable piece in the spring on the lack of interest in Pennsylvania in even . . . → Read More: Loopholes R Us

Guide to the Eurozone crisis

How did it happen?

The worst financial crisis in the western world for nearly 80 years broke in September 2008.

It required banking/financial systems to be supported and recapitalised by governments across the EU and in the US.

In June 2009 it became apparent that the peripheral countries of the Eurozone (Greece, Portugal, Spain . . . → Read More: Guide to the Eurozone crisis

Economic Events on November 18, 2011

At 10:00 AM Eastern time, the Leading Indicators report for October will be released. The consensus is that this index was increased 0.5% last month, following an increase of 0.2% in the previous month.

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