Occupy That!

Austin Hill, ladies and gentlemen:

Will you allow this question to “occupy” your minds for a moment? Seriously, what would happen to our country if we all chose to do nothing but take up space on “public” property (or even on other people’s private property as some of you have done), consume resources at . . . → Read More: Occupy That!

Richard Kelertas: Economic Turmoil Creates Potash Values

Fertilizer companies have felt the pain of global monetary chaos, but as indicators lag, some potash equities are positioned ahead of the curve for big gains. Dundee Capital Markets Vice President and Senior Financial Analyst Richard Kelertas believes investors need to be sharpening their pencils and establishing positions. In this exclusive interview with . . . → Read More: Richard Kelertas: Economic Turmoil Creates Potash Values

Muniland News Tsunami

The muniland news filters are being hit by a tsunami this afternoon:

Patriot/News: Harrisburg debt insurer rejects City Council proposal with city days away from state takeover

Bloomberg/WashPo: Jefferson County, Ala., wins initial bankruptcy hearing approval from court

Reuters: The Sharks Circling Harrisburg

Trib: Allegheny sewer project at estimated $6 billion

Bond Buyer: Jefferson . . . → Read More: Muniland News Tsunami

Is Microsoft A Monopoly?

As I mentioned before, I’m currently enrolled in a microeconomics course that makes use of Mankiw’s textbook.  I haven’t read much of the book, save for the assigned homework questions and his chapter on oligopolies.  He begins with a discussion of monopolies, and asserts that Microsoft is an example of a market monopoly.  This . . . → Read More: Is Microsoft A Monopoly?

Economic Events on November 11, 2011

At 9:55 AM EDT, Consumer Sentiment for the first half of November will be announced.  The consensus is that the index will be at 61.5, which would be an increase of 0.6 points from the level reported in the second half of last month.

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