2000 Words

Consider these charts:

As can be seen above, having a college degree is becoming worth less. And the cost continues to increase. Worst of all, one cannot default on student loans, so those who take on massive loans to fund their education will find that they are essentially slaves to the banks for life if they cannot find a decent-paying job.

I hope we can finally stop with the utterly worthless advice to go to college and pursue a career. The former is becomingly increasingly less correlated with the latter, and we are only doing a disservice to young people if we say otherwise.

Also, my experience has taught me that most of what passes for higher education is nothing more than drivel. Most of what is taught is obvious, wrong, or pointless. If you want to be smarter, go to the library and find good books to read. If you need help getting started, use a search engine to find classics of the western canon. Then imbibe deeply.

In the meantime, forget college.

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