No Room for Medicare Patients

When I went into solo practice of internal medicine in 1981, it was very easy to get a doctor to see a Medicare patient. All I had to do was make a phone call. A courteous receptionist answered. If the doctor couldn’t come to the phone right away, I could count on a prompt . . . → Read More: No Room for Medicare Patients

With or without the 'h'

or if I had seen this, I would have just used it today…..

Just out from Pittsburgh and Harrisburg: A tale of two deep-in-debt cities

I still have not had a chance to update much of it with the 2011 data, but on that we will gratuitously relink my iPension page with all . . . → Read More: With or without the ‘h’

Bill Koenig: Fracking Tech Has Junior Producers Pumped

After nearly 30 years as an investment banker and another 20 years providing consulting to small companies, Newport Capital Consultants Founder and President Gary Bryant knows all the ins, outs, risks and rewards of small-cap investment. In this exclusive interview with The Energy Report, he shares his knowledge on what factors push small- . . . → Read More: Gary Bryant: Opportunities in Shale Drilling