“Too Hard”

I wonder if there is any way to get Americans to shed their lazy mindset:

Another Times article published this week, however, challenges the idea of “perfect substitutes” advanced by the NBER study and paints an alternate picture of the economic reasoning behind Alabama’s legislation. John Harold, a Colorado farmer profiled by the Times, . . . → Read More: “Too Hard”

Chris Berry: The Great Rare Earth Metals Reset

The rare earth sector has seen astronomical gains in recent years as Chinese export restrictions, short-sighted U.S. policy and investor interest combined to make front page news. In this exclusive article for The Critical Metals Report, Chris Berry, founder and president of House Mountain Partners, LLC, argues that a “Great Reset” is changing . . . → Read More: Chris Berry: The Great Rare Earth Metals Reset

Greek Debt Crisis

So, who cares about the Greek debt crisis? It’s a small country, a long ways away.


Greece as a Country: “We care!”

The Euro currency countries: “We care!”

Europe Generally: “We care!”

U.S. and International Financial Community: “We care!”

Stock Investors: “We care!”

All right, already.  Here’s why they care.

The background

Through . . . → Read More: Greek Debt Crisis

Economic Events on October 12, 2011

The Mortgage Bankers’ Association purchase index will be released at 7:00 AM EDT, providing an update on the quantity of new mortgages and refinancings closed in the last week.

At 2:00 PM EDT, the FOMC Meeting Minutes will be released, which will provide insight into how the Federal Reserve board governors and bank presidents . . . → Read More: Economic Events on October 12, 2011