Natural Consequences


The justification for pushing people around like this is the NHS. Shouldn’t people have to pay for their own illnesses? Well, yes – that’s how personal responsibility works. But having an NHS removes the personal responsibility, and artificial attempts to inject it into the system are doubly illiberal and wrong.

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Rodney Cooper: Bullish on Iron Ore and Copper

Rodney Cooper, a senior mining analyst with Dundee Capital Markets in Toronto, has some rather bullish forecasts for iron ore and copper prices. But given the worldwide economic malaise and a slowdown for China’s economic powerhouse, what’s his rationale? Cooper talks about his predictions in this exclusive interview with The Gold Report.

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Daily Ranking - Education Impacts

Daily ranking via the Boston Herald – Top 10 Metro Areas impacted by higher education listed in: Education a Growth Industry.

Economic Events on September 1, 2011

The monthly Chain Store Sales report will be released today.  This report on sales in chain stores gives a look at the health of stores that make up about 10% of all retail sales.

The figures for motor vehicle sales in August will be released today.  The consensus estimate is that 9.5 million domestic . . . → Read More: Economic Events on September 1, 2011