Current Home Loan Trends

With economic uncertainty continuing to hamper economic growth, inflation has been non-existent, and mortgage rates have remained low.  Current rates for conforming loans have dropped below the lows seen late last year to set new record lows for fixed rate mortgages, 5 year ARMs, and 1 year ARMs.

However, many new home buyers looking for a new mortgage and existing home buyers that would like to refinance their current mortgage have struggled to take advantage of these record low rates because of stricter lending standards put in place by most banks or a lack of equity in the home.

Fortunately for people looking for a mortgage that have been unable to obtain one, there have been rumors of another attempt by the federal government to assist existing homeowners swirling around Washington, and most of the plans under discussion are more focused on benefits for existing homeowners that are expected to end the decline in home prices, rather than improving bank balance sheets or handing out credits to new home buyers.  These programs are expected to help existing home owners immediately and new home owners in the long term by increasing home values, making a home a safer investment and a quality asset again.

One assistance program that has already been put into place is a refinancing program for existing home owners with little to no equity in their home.  The program is for mortgages owned by Fannie Mae that were originated before June 1, 2009 without any mortgage insurance, and it will allow qualified applicants to refinance their mortgage debt (including a second mortgage) up to 105% of your current home value at current market interest rates.   These stipulations do limit the pool of eligible home owners, but for people that qualify, it is a great opportunity.  You can begin by determining if your home loan is owned by Fannie Mae here.

If you believe that you qualify for the Fannie Mae program described above or are looking for any other type of mortgage assistance, you should contact a lender like Aurora Loans to start the process of obtaining a new mortgage or refinancing an existing one.

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