Market Analysis: How to Prepare for "Economic Depression"

The week of August 15 was one of the most volatile stock market performances in years. Negative news about the global economy, gloomy forecasts and mixed signals on the jobs front battered stocks and sent gold repeatedly above $1,800/ounce. The Gold Report asked an analyst, two newsletter writers and an economist the following: What . . . → Read More: Market Analysis: How to Prepare for Economic Depression

Since you asked…

This is a time of the year when I meet new people or get reacquainted with old friends, and once we run out of the usual “status update” conversation, someone often asks about the economy and the current crisis about the debt ceiling. I’m going to break a self-imposed guideline for this blog, and . . . → Read More: Since you asked…

A Run On Eurozone Banks?

The Calafia Beach Pundit raises an interesting question in relation to the recent surge in the US money supply which he suggests might be a reflection of a scramble into USD assets. More specifically, the argument would seem to be that a silent run on European banks is in the works as money is . . . → Read More: A Run On Eurozone Banks?

Economic Events on August 22, 2011

At 8:30 AM EDT, the Chicago Fed National Activity Index for July will be released, providing an update on economic activity and inflationary pressure in the United States.