I'm with Senator Reid on brothels

I’m with Senator Reid over Goodman on the issue of brothels. Unless somebody can show me how the use of prostitutes engenders a net economic benefit, I don’t see why such an activity should be legal. In my estimation, it’s immoral. It degrades women, turning them into objects to be bought and sold. Prostitution undermines society and the economy.

Here’s the only problem that we run into. Criminalizing prostitution will never make the activity go away. So do we treat the prostitute as a criminal, while simultaneously a sitting senator is capable of having sex with a staffer and then paying $90,000 to her spouse? If we reject the notion of treating prostitutes as criminals, then we run into an enforcement issue. Personally, I don’t like the idea of treating prostitutes as criminals myself. However, I do have a solution.

Let’s treat prostitution as mental illness. After all, we treat people who believe in sound money and economic liberty and even Biblical Christianity as mentally ill. Now, let me ask the reader something. Suppose you had a neighbor in, say, his sixties and you knew he was having sexual relations with women in their twenties. How would you feel about that? Would you let your kids go anywhere near his house? Ah. But if it’s done on camera, with money exchanging hands in the name of commerce, and participants accrue wealth and garner celebrity status, then it’s considered to be respectable.

Behavior that would otherwise be condemned is defended, protected and consumed so long as it turns people into celebrities and millionaires. Now that’s mental illness. I say place all participants into the looney bin and give them massive doses of Haldol. If they disagree, well then they suffer from paranoia and need to be drugged for that reason.

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  • Mark Alvarez-Anderson

    Mayor Oscar Goodman once gave a key to the city to Ron Jeremy, who proudly keeps it on display in his house. But the key is only 6 inches, Jeremy tells me and laughs.

  • You seriously think that people with a different set of morals than you are insane, and should be drugged into compliance?

    Let’s hope you never are able to reach a position where you actually have the power to implement a plan like that.

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