Jay Taylor: The Death of the Dollar

All fiat currencies fail, says Jay Taylor, editor of the Gold, Energy & Tech Stocks newsletter. That’s why he calls gold and silver the only true currencies. While some junior mining stocks have lagged behind high-flying bullion, Taylor tells The Gold Report in this exclusive interview why they will continue to be the . . . → Read More: Jay Taylor: The Death of the Dollar

The Great Compromise, in Plain English

“We agree to allow ourselves to borrow more money now. In exchange we pinky-promise ourselves to cut spending later.”

When talking heads converge

The public finance wonk in me just loves this.  Just passing on what the CP had a few days ago actually.  Seems that even though everyone was talking about how important the film industry tax credit in Pennsylvania was to luring the mega Batman production to town, it seems that the producers did not . . . → Read More: When talking heads converge

Two Quick Questions for IP Defenders

AV Club has some exciting news:

In the rare story that ends with George Lucas not getting money, George Lucas has lost a copyright case before the British Supreme Court in which he sought to stop his former Star Wars prop designer Andrew Ainsworth, who came up with the original iconic Stormtrooper helmets, from . . . → Read More: Two Quick Questions for IP Defenders

Economic Events on August 1, 2011

At 10:00 AM EDT, the Construction Spending report for June will be released, and the consensus is that there was no change in spending compared to the previous month.

Also at 10:00 AM EDT, the ISM manufacturing index for July will be released.  The consensus estimate is that it decreased 1 point last month . . . → Read More: Economic Events on August 1, 2011