Foreign Trade Revisited

The current support for free trade is based on the supposition of defending consumers from higher prices. What the higher prices would indicate, if they were allowed to occur, is that American production is being destroyed. The laws of supply and demand would bear this hypothesis out because the cumulative effect of domestic economic . . . → Read More: Foreign Trade Revisited

Inflation targeting: What have we learned

Inflation targeting: What have we learned, a seminar by Spencer Dale, Chief Economist of the Bank of England, at NIPFP, 16 June.

PMs and the LME Warehouse Scam

Gata and ZeroHedge have picked up on this Wall Street Journal article on bankster owned warehouses restricting deliveries out to the minimum amount allowed by the LME. The scam is summarised by the Financial Times: buyers “must keep on paying rent on the metal even after you have asked for it to be delivered, . . . → Read More: PMs and the LME Warehouse Scam