The semi-record

So I feel obliged to update my graphic on the region’s relative unemployment rate.  The region’s data for April came out the other day and with the region at 6.8% unemployment we are coming in 2.2% points below the nation’s 9.0% for April.  The latest on the nation’s unemployment rate is that it ticked up in . . . → Read More: The Semi-Record

With All The Talk About “Transparency”, Medical Prices Are Still A Secret

Suppose you went into a grocery store, and found no prices on anything. You ask a clerk how much five pounds of potatoes would be, and he asks you whether you are 65 or older. You’re taken aback, but you tell him you are 64, and he asks whether your income is less than . . . → Read More: With All The Talk About “Transparency”, Medical Prices Are Still A Secret

The Market and Efficiency

Mark Thornton shares a story:

Remarkably, the cost of air conditioning plummeted over the decades. The cost of air conditioning units declined, and they became increasingly reliable, safe, and efficient in turning electricity into relief from heat and humidity.

That is until recently. Twenty years ago I had an air-conditioning system (i.e., heat pump, . . . → Read More: The Market and Efficiency

Economic Events on June 6, 2011

At 3:45 PM EDT, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke will give a speech at the International Monetary Conference in Atlanta, GA.