How well can volunteering be explained by a naive economic model?

I should begin by defining what I mean by a naïve economic model. The naïve model I have in mind is a conventional neoclassical model, with a few bells and whistles added. The bells and whistles are necessary because so called ‘rational economic man’ who is the basis of conventional neoclassical economics doesn’t practice . . . → Read More: How well can volunteering be explained by a naive economic model?

Kevin Puil: Copper Stocks Gleaming in Gold's Glow

Blinded by the glare of gold’s rocketing rise over the last several years, investors may want to follow the leads of the Barricks, Thompson Creek Metals, Goldcorps and other major miners targeting the copper space, according to Kevin Puil, portfolio manager at Malcolm H. Gissen & Associates and senior analyst for its Encompass . . . → Read More: Kevin Puil: Copper Stocks Gleaming in Gold’s Glow

When down means down, and when it does not

So the news headline is that the state’s unemployment rate dropped from 7.8% to 7.5%. If you look at the 6 month change it is a full percentage point decline from 8.5% just in October to 7.5% last month. So when was the last time the state saw a full percentage point drop in . . . → Read More: When Down Means Down, and When It Does Not

Economic Events on May 23, 2011

At 8:30 AM EDT, the Chicago Fed National Activity Index for April will be released, providing an update on economic activity and inflationary pressure in the United States.

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