The appraiser that saved Pittsburgh

I regret to report what is awful news for the Pittsburgh region. By yet another metric out there, local real estate prices are growing faster than most anywhere else in the nation. If the folks who look at real estate data do not stop spreading such misinformation about the region than who knows what . . . → Read More: The Appraiser That Saved Pittsburgh

Interesting readings

Thomas E. Ricks (in Foreign Policy) and Lawrence Wright (in New Yorker) on Pakistan.

C. Rangarajan on the debate about the debt management office and about inflation targeting (the latter is an interview with Tamal Bandyopadhyay).

Saurabh Mishra, Susanna Lundstrom and Rahul Anand have a fascinating piece on the sophistication of . . . → Read More: Interesting Readings for May 20, 2011

A Practical Reason to Abolish IP

I’ve often criticized IP from both philosophical and utilitarian grounds, but I haven’t often addressed some of the specific benefits that would come from abolishing IP. Anyhow, here’s a story that offers a glimpse of a future without IP:

As companies compete to digitize the textbook market, there is one approach that shakes the . . . → Read More: A Practical Reason to Abolish IP

Clive Maund: Mitigate Investment Risk Until End of Dollar Rally

The Gold Report: Clive, in a recent note on your website you said, “The general investing public are sheep, they like to move together in large groups, have a kind of vacant stare, are routinely fleeced and eventually slaughtered. That’s why when they are very confident, it’s time to get scared, and vice versa.” . . . → Read More: Clive Maund: Mitigate Investment Risk Until End of Dollar Rally