The NFL Lockout Doesn’t Just Affect Players, Owners And Fans

There are a lot of different sides to the NFL lockout, which is on again after an appeal from the NFL was granted to reinstate the lockout that was lifted by a judge, and most of the attention is going towards the owners, the players and the fans. But what about the cities in which these teams are being held? There are a lot of people that have nothing to do with football, or sports, who are going to feel the effect of a lockout for as long as it goes, and the longer it goes, the bigger the hit.

The players and owners are trying to figure out how to split up a staggering $9 billion in revenue between the two sides, and fans are stuck in the middle as they want to see their favorite teams and players, NFL betting players want to lay some wagers, and fantasy football owners would love to be able to schedule their annual draft. But no one is thinking about the local economies that are going to suffer greatly from this work stoppage; the people who work at the stadiums who may not care about the score of the game, but they care if they can put food on their tables. There have been estimations that the lockout is going to take $5.1 billion out of local economies across the country, and in cities like Detroit or Cleveland, that is a massive chunk that they can’t afford to lose.

That is what has happened in today’s age: it’s no longer about the sports. Sport is now a business and it affects many off the field, as much as it does off the field. There are a lot of parties invested in something that could be crippling to the game of football.

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  • la marina

    I believe that over the long term inflation will ne a problem but over the short term it appears that deflation is a bigger issue.

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