Rust Belt Ball

City… region….city…region….

See the USAToday with the most ill-conceived thesis ever in this article today: Indians, Tigers, Pirates and Reds fighting population loss in the Rust Belt.

Does anyone in the world really think Pirates’ attendance problems (worst in the NL according to the article) have anything at all to do with population loss in the City of Pittsburgh proper which is the only factoid they reference for us in that article.

I do have a question though; what is the top attendance at AAA games around the country?


Speaking of population though..  this factoid may be more important as symbol, but something I put up over here is some recent census data released on the population in group quarters as of 2010. For Allegheny County the population in nursing homes is down significantly, while the population in college dorms is up a large amount over the decade.  Check it out.

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