More on Private Protection of IP

Just to clarify from an earlier post, my stance on protecting IP is that is wrong for the government to do so, but I have no issue if a private business wants to protect its intellectual creation. Furthermore, I am not a piracy positivist. I do not believe that people have a “right” to IP for free. If they can capture another’s idea for free, more power to them. If they have to pay, so be it. No one has a right to information.
In keeping with the above, I would recommend reading this article at Cracked. To me, this seems like the perfect way to handle IP protection. Obviously, the government isn’t cracking down like it used to, so businesses have built designed their own protections to ensure that they actually paid when people use their product.
This seems to be the optimal way of handling this issue, especially since IP law has devolved into a massive redistributionist scheme for big business (cf. Apple’s recent lawsuit, Microsoft’s recent lawsuit, Google’s recent lawsuit, etc.) Why not let people protect their own intellectual “property,” and stop this headache of a legal system? This system does not seem to make any difference to the big companies and has a tendency to screw over the small time inventers and innovators (ever heard if patent trolls?)

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