<i>Midas Letter's</i> James West: What's with $1,500 Gold and $42 Silver?

As gold and silver continue their spectacular rise, The Gold Report checked in with Midas Letter Publisher and Editor James West to get his take on the situation. James, always strongly opinionated, sees this as the beginning of a global revolution that could result in long-term opportunities for gold . . . → Read More: Midas Letter’s James West: What’s with $1,500 Gold and $42 Silver?

Dysfunction Junction

In a sense there is no news at all to comment on in the latest pension episode of the pension soap opera down on the 5th floor. Hard to see how the outcome down at the Pittsburgh Parking Authority board would have been any different than is being reported. Great quote in describing the state of . . . → Read More: Dysfunction Junction

Vietnam Government resisting a move to gold as money?

Commodity Online reports that the State Bank of Vietnam is putting further restrictions on gold lending and has asked commercial banks to cease lending gold and eventually to stop accepting gold deposits.

“Vietnam has already forbidden banks from lending gold for the production and trade of gold bars since October last year. But starting . . . → Read More: Vietnam Government Resisting a Move to Gold as Money?

More on Private Protection of IP

Just to clarify from an earlier post, my stance on protecting IP is that is wrong for the government to do so, but I have no issue if a private business wants to protect its intellectual creation. Furthermore, I am not a piracy positivist. I do not believe that people have a “right” to . . . → Read More: More on Private Protection of IP

Economic Events on April 25, 2011

At 10:00 AM EDT, the New Home Sales report for March will be released. The consensus is that 280,000 new homes were sold last month, which would be an increase of 3,000 from last month.