We are nearing an endgame

I consider comments like these below from a high profile business executive (as reported by The Australian) as significant. You can be sure the smart money is now positioning itself. THE world economy is on “life support”, living beyond its means, with the threat of a cataclysmic shock within the next eight years, ABC chairman Maurice . . . → Read More: We are Nearing an Endgame

Chris Berry: Investment Opportunities Emerge in the Americas

From Quebec, Canada to Sonora, Mexico, House Mountain Partners Founder Chris Berry constantly uncovers new opportunities in the Americas. In this exclusive interview with The Gold Report, Chris outlines the geopolitical changes that are driving renewed interest in areas considered too risky or not profitable enough in the past.

. . . → Read More: Chris Berry: Investment Opportunities Emerge in the Americas

Faith in Banks

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) was created in 1933 as a depression-era effort to restore the public’s faith in banks and banking. The early years of the depression were marked by numerous bank failures and runs on even healthy banks. After taking office President Roosevelt declared a bank holiday to give regulators a . . . → Read More: Faith in Banks

Jobs Uber Alles

Can I nominate the most underappreciated economic story from last weekend. In the Valley News Dispatch is this detailed piece: Pittsburgh Mills may be attracting shoppers, but may take years to reap ‘full potential’

Which would have a host of great essay questions for students of economic development.  In there is a line about how local . . . → Read More: Jobs Uber Alles