Taxing Nonsense

From Jonah Goldberg:

Oh, and since only Republican talking points are subject to strict scrutiny from the “objective” press, let me quickly rebut Nancy Pelosi & Co.’s nonsense about “big oil.” Oil companies get the same business tax breaks as every other company. These are mostly what Democrats mean when they talk about giveaways . . . → Read More: Taxing Nonsense

M3 Inflation and the Gold Price

Very interesting article showing a good correlation between the author’s M3 Inflation figure and the gold price. His M3 Inflation is M3 growth minus 90 day bank bill rate. It seems the gold price lags the M3 Inflation figure by a few years, making it a potential macro gold price forecasting . . . → Read More: M3 Inflation and the Gold Price

Jonathan Lee: Gray Metal Driving Green Revolution?

Vanadium, a gray metal mainly used as an additive to steel, could see a jump in demand as new technologies emerge in energy storage. In this exclusive interview with The Gold Report, Jonathan Lee, a battery materials and technology analyst with Toronto-based Byron Capital Markets, talks about which vanadium . . . → Read More: Jonathan Lee: Gray Metal Driving Green Revolution?

Heard at the ECB's governing council's pre-conference meeting ...

With (sincere!) apologies to La Roux;

Going in for the Hike

(lead singer JCT with refrain by Axel Weber)

We can fight our crises But when we start seeing prices We get ever so cross And must show we’re the boss They say we shouldn’t care about the headline But we believe it’s just . . . → Read More: Heard at the ECB’s Governing Council’s Pre-Conference Meeting…