Entrepreneurs and Democracy

This column in the March 7, 2011 edition of The New Yorker has an interesting perspective on economic development – particularly in the Middle East. In the language of my University Seminar class, here’s the claim presented by James Surowiecki

The autocracies of the Arab world have been as economically destructive as they’ve been . . . → Read More: Entrepreneurs and Democracy

The Sprotts Expect Silver to Keep on Sizzling

Sprott Money executives Eric Sprott (chairman) and Larisa Sprott (president), sing the praises of the “poor man’s gold” in this exclusive interview with The Gold Report. “All the data supports the thesis that silver is undervalued,” says Eric—who serves as chairman of Sprott Inc., as well as CEO, CIO and senior portfolio manager of . . . → Read More: The Sprotts Expect Silver to Keep on Sizzling

Don't Shoot the Messenger

Hard to be the bearer of good news in this town.  This is something just out and quite honestly I am surprised. If it holds up over next few months it is pretty big economic news.

You can check out the latest dump of total non-farm jobs for the region from the BLS here. . . . → Read More: Don’t Shoot the Messenger

Trading on Japan

If you are in India, and hear news about the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear reactors in Japan, you might want to trade on this. Either because you are hedging Japan exposure that’s embedded in your Indian equity holdings, or because you think you are an informed speculator who has a better and faster judgment . . . → Read More: Trading on Japan