The Light Begins to Dawn ...

… and personally I think some corporate fortunes are going to fall hard as this “$800 tablet” trend comes to a screeching halt before it really gets started.

I almost certainly wasn’t the first blogger to discover that you can get into a decent Android tablet for less than $200, but I caught on . . . → Read More: The Light Begins to Dawn …

No Free Lunch

Today, in a setting entirely removed from my economics class, I used the phrase, “there’s no such thing as a free lunch.” Someone called me on it, and – full confession – I was sloppy in invoking it. That said, the rest of the challenge got me to thinking about the phrase and its . . . → Read More: No Free Lunch

Economic Events on March 10, 2011

At 8:30 AM EST, the U.S. government will release its weekly Jobless Claims report.  The consensus is that there were 385,000 new jobless claims last week, which would would be 17,000 more than the number released last week.

Also at 8:30 AM EST, the International Trade report for January will be released.  The consensus . . . → Read More: Economic Events on March 10, 2011