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I am not sure I buy the story that if China allowed its currency to appreciate all the world’s problems would be brushed away in one clean stroke. But I concur that the appreciation of China’s currency and indeed that of many of the big emerging markets primarily against the USD would certainly help. . . . → Read More: Other Alpha Sources for February 22, 2011

Daily ranking:

Say it ain’t so….

Folks are not supposed to beat me to this, but the Economist has again ranked Pittsburgh higher than any other US region for livability.  You can read more on our sustained ascendancy from the Huffington Post.

The UK’s Daily Mail has the best headline though.  They literally say:  It’s official: . . . → Read More: Daily Ranking: “Even beats Honolulu”

Economic Events on February 22, 2011

At 9:00 AM EST, the monthly S&P/Case-Shiller home price index report will be released.  Given that most economists don’t expect the overall U.S. economy to improve until housing prices end their decline, the market will be watching this number closely.

At 10:00 AM EST, the monthly report on Consumer Confidence for February will be . . . → Read More: Economic Events on February 22, 2011