Takeover Talk with Michael Fowler

Michael Fowler is a senior mining analyst with Loewen, Ondaatje, McCutcheon in Toronto and he was more than willing to speculate on potential takeovers in this exclusive interview with The Gold Report. “All of these gold producers are going to be active in the mergers and acquisitions (M&A) market. They are going to acquire . . . → Read More: Takeover Talk with Michael Fowler

Interesting readings

My collection of links on the transition at SEBI from C. B. Bhave to U. K. Sinha.

How India’s banks killed the future of commerce on the Cleartrip blog.

The defining problem of the Indian State is the tension between spending on program that benefit the few (e.g. the typical UPA welfare . . . → Read More: Interesting Readings for February 21, 2011

The energy story of the year!

Maybe it will be coal?  Yeah, coal.

You would be surprised what my regular reading list includes, but PilotOnline has a story today:  Coal ships create a traffic jam on Hampton Roads waters.Where is all the coal being loaded in Hampton Roads coming from? I once had to inspect a coal ship loading down there… in . . . → Read More: The Energy Story of the Year!