The State of Unemployment

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Bad bonds, bad bonds, watcha gonna do

So I saw the notice that some Port Authority debt was being rated and didn’t think much of it.. Of course, the way this works is that new debt ratings like that don’t normally happen spontaneously, but reflect some new debt offering or other big change.  So it comes as no big surprise that . . . → Read More: Bad Bonds, Bad Bonds, Watcha Gonna Do?

Ed Sterck: Spare Cash? Park It in Uranium

BMO Capital Markets Mining Analyst Ed Sterck projects a very moderate $60/lb. uranium price in 2011, but that shouldn’t stop you from investing in the uranium space. “This is a sector that is very prone to sentiment and, at the moment, the sentiment is building toward the possibility of a price spike,” he says. . . . → Read More: Ed Sterck: Spare Cash? Park It in Uranium

Economic Events on February 18, 2011

At 8:00 AM EST, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke will give a speech on global imbalances and financial stability at Banque de France Financial Stability Review in Paris.