Brien Lundin: Look to History to Profit from Gold

Gold in the Carolinas? “Absolutely,” says Jefferson Financial President and CEO Brien Lundin, who also publishes the Gold Newsletter. It’s just one region where historic discoveries, ignored when gold prices were low, are now being re-examined with modern exploration techniques. The results, he says, are promising. Learn more about his take on the . . . → Read More: Brien Lundin: Look to History to Profit from Gold

Are big bonuses counter-productive?

The usual argument against high remuneration of senior executives is that it is often undeserved. I have some sympathy for that view. It is particularly difficult to understand how a person who is given a promotion to the top job can actually be worth substantially more than a competitor who narrowly missed being given . . . → Read More: Are Big Bonuses Counterproductive?

Economic Events on February 15, 2011

At 7:45 AM EST, the weekly ICSC-Goldman Store Sales report will be released, giving an update on the health of the consumer through this analysis of retail sales.

At 8:30 AM EST, the Retail Sales report for January will be released.  The consensus is that retail sales increased 0.5% from December, after a 0.6% . . . → Read More: Economic Events on February 15, 2011