Pension singularities

You know, just reading your quarterly investment statement is not supposed to be an exercise in Bayesian statistics.

I don’t quite understand the story today with the latest quarterly information on the assets of the Pittsburgh Pension Fund. Should be a boring straightforward story as these things go, but it confused me more than it clarifies anything. . . . → Read More: Pension Singularities

Watching markets work: Bad move, Nokia

I have long marveled about how quickly the world of mobile phones has rapidly moved through four paradigms. My first mobile phone was a Nokia and they seemed to rule. But then Blackberry won because Nokia did not get the importance of email. And then Apple won because Blackberry did not look beyond email. . . . → Read More: Watching Markets Work: Bad Move, Nokia

Checking up on the Consensus Trade

One of the main investment and trading themes crystallised during Q4-10 was the move out of  emerging markets and into developed markets. As all themes, it started as a contrarian misfit moving against the truck loads of capital piling into emerging markets but has now reached its mature state flapping its wings as . . . → Read More: Checking up on the Consensus Trade

New Unemployment Claims at 2-1/2 Year Low

No one can really deny that the job market is really starting to kick in now.

This past week provided economists a very positive jobless claims report for the February 5 week. It showed a steep 36,000 decline in initial claims to 383,000 for the lowest total in 2-1/2 years.

The Labor Department — . . . → Read More: New Unemployment Claims at 2-1/2 Year Low