David Skarica: "Bond Vigilantes" Ultimately Good for Gold

Addicted to Profits Editor David Skarica predicts that in the second half of 2011, Europe’s “bond vigilantes” will make their presence felt in the U.S. by driving up interest rates and driving down the dollar. That’s one of the reasons he remains bullish on gold. “I think we’re going to see gold headed . . . → Read More: David Skarica: Bond Vigilantes Ultimately Good for Gold

What is wrong with Economics

Raghuram Rajan has an interesting piece on what went wrong with the economics profession in the years that led up to the global crisis. His big issues: specialization, the difficulty of forecasting, and the disengagement of much of the profession from the real world.

I think these, in turn, are directly related to the incentives . . . → Read More: What is Wrong with Economics

Gold lenders of last resort

Another post by FOFOA that will get you thinking. My response below.


There would be many within the Mint who would be amused at you categorising me as a “mainstream” view. I understand you are using my explanations as representative of the mainstream view but I would like readers to be clear that . . . → Read More: Gold Lenders of Last Resort

Economic Events on February 7, 2011

At 3:00 PM EST, the Consumer Credit report for December will be released.  The consensus estimate is that there will be an increase of $2.0 billion in the consumer credit available from November to December, after an increase of $1.4 billion last month.

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