Do family benefits provide a welfare pedestal?

The concept of a welfare pedestal has been popularized by Noel Pearson. As a lawyer and passionate advocate for the interests of aboriginal people who live on the Cape York Peninsula of North Queensland, some readers might expect that he would spend his time arguing for more government hand-outs to remedy social problems in aboriginal communities. However, Pearson . . . → Read More: Do Family Benefits Provide a Welfare Pedestal?

Daily Ranking: Bricks, mortar and jobs

Well, one could note the regional unemployment rate dropped below 8%.  Almost sounds like bad news.

To dig into the numbers beyond the headline…  according to a report from the Associated General Contractors of America the total gain in the absolute # of construction jobs here over the last year, +1,800 between December 2009 . . . → Read More: Daily Ranking: Bricks, Mortar and Jobs

Fraud on GLD holders?

Further to my post yesterday, FOFOA left this comment on his blog discussing two risks he sees with GLD:

1. That the gold in GLD has multiple claims on it. Quote: “GLD’s gold bars originated as reserves in the mainstream bullion banking system. That is, they are essentially reserves on loan to the ETF . . . → Read More: Fraud on GLD Holders?

Economic Events on February 1, 2011

The figures for motor vehicle sales in January will be released today.  The consensus estimate is that 9.5 million domestic autos were sold last month, which would be an increase of 100,000 from the previous month.

At 7:45 AM EST, the weekly ICSC-Goldman Store Sales report will be released, giving an update on the . . . → Read More: Economic Events on February 1, 2011