A brief note to the US government's creditors

To whom it may concern:

The United States Congress is currently engaged in one of its periodic debates over raising the “debt ceiling” (the total amount of money it “allows” itself to be in debt for).

I’m nearly 100% certain that Congress will “allow” itself to borrow more money.

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Excitement in electronic payments

Frictionless payments are an important contributor to India’s growth story. Cash is costly for everyone in the system: for the central banker, banks, businesses, and individuals. Yet, we are far away from a mass adoption of electronic payments.

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Economic Events on January 18, 2011

At 8:30 AM EST, the Empire State manufacturing index for January will be released.  The consensus is that the index value will be 14, which would be an increase of over 3.4 points from December, after an increase of almost 20 points last month.

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