Artificial states

The question of the artificial states has recently been brought up by the referendum in Southern Sudan on whether the southern part of the country should declare political independence from the northern part of the country. An article in New York Times (link) succintly discussed few notable fact-checked evidence of the increasing ethnic, political . . . → Read More: Artificial States

Marcellus Watch

So there is and isn’t lots of Marcellus news floating around.  A lot, but most has been written before in other formats…. but on it goes.

Trib has today: Low natural gas prices no boon for shale.  PG had related article yesterday: Shale gas affecting industry’s pricing

Yet Forbes has this: Chesapeake Could Be . . . → Read More: Marcellus Watch for January 17, 2011

One Step Forward in the Euro Zone?

It would have been hard to believe only a few weeks ago that the euro zone could be the source of any good news let alone news to help push the market forward. Yet, with last week’s successful bond auctions and the pledge of international superpowers such as Japan and China to buy . . . → Read More: One Step Forward in the Euro Zone?