What's Wrong with Medicare

The Urban Institute recently released a study showing that the average person who turns 65 this year will receive more benefits from Medicare than they paid in.  Their study looked at several common living scenarios for people of that age, covering low and high income earners, married and single households, and couples with one or two wage earners, and adjusting payments into the system for inflation.

The full study can be found here, and we plan to discuss it in more detail in the future, but my initial thought is this:  How can a program be considered viable if the average person in almost every imaginable financial situation is receiving more in benefits than they paid in?

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2 comments to What’s Wrong with Medicare

  • It’s not viable. It was always just a method to buy votes using taxpayer money. If this was actually about taking care of people and only taking care of people then it would be sustainable. Too bad the government can’t take care of charity like people can.

  • I agree, and the fact that the program is being held up as an example of a successful social program concerns me. Thanks for taking the time to read the article and comment.

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